My journey in the world of lifting and coaching began over a decade ago, starting when I was just 13 years old. Back then, I began with bodyweight exercises and at-home workout DVDs, thanks to my mom's support. P90x, ShaunT, and Jillian Michaels became my trusted companions as I embarked on a transformational path. Even though I was too young for the gym, I refused to let that hinder my progress.

As I entered high school and gained access to a local gym, I convinced my mom to join me every morning at 4:30 a.m. before school. My dedication to self-improvement knew no bounds. My transformation didn't go unnoticed, and I became the go-to guy for fitness advice and programming among my peers. After high school, I pursued my passion further by obtaining my personal training certification through NASM.

Armed with credentials, I spent the next several years immersing myself in the world of coaching, working multiple training-related jobs to gain valuable experience. Early on my journey, the world of powerlifting captivated my attention. I began coaching and training at a local powerlifting gym in San Diego, where my passion and commitment led me to take on a leadership role a few years after joining. In the challenging year of 2020, during which the world faced the pandemic, I assumed the position of General and Operations Manager for the gym.

In this capacity, I played a pivotal role in not only maintaining the gym's operations during multiple shutdowns but also focusing on expanding its influence within the powerlifting community. Together with my dedicated team, we took the initiative to host quarterly powerlifting meets, making a substantial impact on the powerlifting scene in San Diego.

However, my journey took an unexpected turn when I decided to step down from my position as General and Operations Manager a few years after the pandemic. While I was deeply grateful for the experience and the opportunity to lead, I realized that my inner passion for helping others achieve their strength and potential was calling me in a different direction. Throughout my journey, I've been defined by continuous learning, personal growth, and an unwavering dedication to surmounting challenges.

Although I don't compete in powerlifting currently, I actively support the powerlifting community by assuming the role of the main communicator and announcer for USA Powerlifting events locally in the Southern California region. To date, I have completed over seven meets in this role.

Moreover, my commitment to the powerlifting community extends beyond my role as an announcer. As a coach, I specialize in Powerlifting, Hypertrophy, Injury prevention, and recovery training modalities. My coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in the fundamentals: progressive overload and sport specificity. You won't find any gimmicks here—just science-backed training principles that deliver real, tangible results. My approach places a strong emphasis on proper warm-ups, compound exercises, and thorough cool-downs, all designed to help you achieve your goals.

My greatest achievements aren't personal records or trophies; they are the countless lives I've impacted and transformed. I've had the privilege of working with clients from 18 to 60+ years old. Their feedback speaks volumes, from "feeling and moving better" to achieving new levels of strength and PRs they didn't know they could achieve.

In my coaching, I aim to be informative, supportive, and helpful. I've walked the path you're on, and I understand the challenges you may face. With the lessons I've learned throughout my career, I'm here to guide you through any pitfalls and help you achieve results beyond your expectations.

My core values revolve around discipline, consistency, and dedication to oneself. I'm not just a coach; I'm a partner in your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself. Together, we can unlock your full potential and achieve the greatness you aspire to.